Aerobie Sports

Aerobie is a leading brand of outdoor flying disks and sports toys. Loved by fans around the world, our products include favorites such as the Pro Ring, Super Disc, and Sprint Ring.

Pro Flying Ring

For exhilarating games of catch, nothing compares to the Aerobie Pro flying ring, which was used to set a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw.

Sprint Flying Ring

The Aerobie Sprint flying ring is a compact version of the Aerobie Pro, which was used to set a Guinness World Record, and flies twice as far as a regular disc.


The perfect recreational disc!

Players of all skill levels can throw the Superdisc and enjoy stable, accurate flights.

Superdisc Ultra

The larger, heavier Superdisc! This disc’s larger diameter and proprietary spoiler rim produce exceptionally long, stable flights.

Squidgie Disc

The flexible Aerobie Squidgie disc’s special design makes it easy for players of all skill levels to throw well. Roll it up and toss it in your bag for spontaneous games of catch.

Squidgie Ball

The Aerobie Squidgie ball’s rubber fins are soft and easy to grip, making this ball a great choice for children learning to throw and catch, a fun water toy for kids of all ages.

Aerobie Football

The Aerobie Football’s curved fins generate perfect spirals every time and the sturdy foam is comfortable to catch.

Rocket Football

Perfect for small hands, the Aerobie Rocket football has curved fins to generate awesome spirals.

Skylighter Disc

For an exciting game of catch after dark, the Skylighter disc has no equals. LEDs brilliantly illuminate the clear center and brightly colored edge for vivid and exhilarating nighttime play.

Orbiter Boomerang

The Aerobie Orbiter, a high performance boomerang, flies out about 90 feet and then returns for thrilling one-person games of catch.

Epic Golf Disc

The revolutionary asymmetrical epicyclic design of the Epic driver makes it fly farther than any other golf disc you have ever thrown. You can easily tune this PDGA-approved disc to maximize distance and accuracy for your personal release velocity.

Arrow Golf Disc

The proprietary spoiler rim design of the Arrow golf disc gives it the straightest flights and least fade of any known disc.

Dogobie Disc

It has never been more fun to exercise with your dog! The Dogobie disc’s spoiler rim design makes it easy for you to throw while the soft and flexible material is kind to your dog’s mouth. It’s also durable and tear resistant, so it’s ready to play whenever your dog is.