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Aerobie Games

With an Aerobie sport toy and some open space, you have all you need for hours of fun and great exercise with your friends and family. Here are some game ideas from Aerobie and our fans to get you started!

Have you invented a new game to play with Aerobie products? We’d love to hear about it! Just send us its title and rules.

Playing catch with a friend is the most popular game played with Aerobie flying rings. A game of catch over a distance of 50 yards or more is a thrilling game of catch.

AeroStep is a great game for building accuracy and long legs. Two players make a team. They throw and receive from two markers set 30 or more yards apart.

You can play against other teams or just with your teammate trying to set your own team records.

Each player throws to his teammate who tries to catch the Aerobie ring while keeping a foot on his marker. If a player leaves the marker to make the catch, the player must count the number of steps needed to get back to the marker. A missed catch counts as ten steps.

The receiver then throws back to the other player who counts steps away from the marker in the same way.

The team score is the total number of steps for a round of ten throws. A perfect round is a zero score (all catches made with a foot on the marker.) When you are consistently scoring below ten, try greater distances.

The strategy is to throw low and accurately and to take the biggest steps you can.

AeroSpeed is a fast game. A team of two players throw and catch as quickly as possible from behind two lines set 30 or more yards apart.

The team can race the clock or other teams.

The object is to make ten catches in the shortest possible time. The only rule is that all throws and catches must be from behind your line. If you run forward to fetch a short throw, you must run back behind your line before throwing back.

The clock starts with the first throw. Each time a catch is made the catcher calls out the count. The match ends at the count of ten.

The strategy is to keep your throws low, fast, and accurate. If you run back to fetch an overthrow, throw it back from wherever you picked it up; then run up to your line in time to catch the return throw.

When you get good, you can try:

Double Speed – the same game played with two Aerobie rings.
End Zone – Throw from an end zone of a football field to another player who must catch the ring within the opposing end zone.

From two to ten teams (two players per team) form two lines with teammates facing each other. All players in one line throw simultaneously to their teammates behind the opposite line.

Catchers can move sideways or backwards, but not forwards across the line, to make the catch. Any teams failing to complete their throw-catch drop out. The remaining players each move five paces backwards to form new lines and throw again.

Play until only one team is left. They can later play off in elimination rounds with winners of other rounds. As a variation, the winning team continues throwing, catching and moving backwards to set a record for the longest throw and catch.

AeroGoal is an exciting game of “goal tending” that will give the players lots of exercise.

The field has two goal lines, each about 20 yards wide and about 30 yards apart. You can use wider goal lines if you have more than one player per side or if you space the goals farther apart.

The object is to throw the ring past (but not over) the defending player or team.

All throws and catches must be made from behind the goal line. A “fair” throw must cross the defender’s goal-line between the end markers and below head height. A “foul” throw is either above the defender’s head, wide of the goal line, or falls short of the line.

The thrower gets a point if the defender fails to catch a fair throw. The defender gets a point for any foul thrown by an opponent. The defender gets two points if he or she catches a foul throw.

A match is completed when one side gets 10 points.

If you have more than one player per side, make the goal lines about ten yards wider for each extra player and use one ring for each player per side. For example, with three players per side use three rings and 40 yard wide goal lines.

Strategy: Throw low, fast, and accurately

Variation: Try allowing only one handed catches

Aerobie golf is very much like disc golf except it is played with an Aerobie ring. The game can be played on a disc golf course or, if allowed, on a regular golf course but is most frequently just played in any park or other open area.

The game can be played with as few as two or as many as you would like. Each player must have an Aerobie ring. Each player is in competition with the other players.

The objective, like in regular golf, is to complete the game with the lowest number of throws. The player with the lowest score wins.

Assuming you are playing in a park or other open area, play begins with one player picking the first target. Targets are usually trees or garbage pails or rocks or practically any fixed object. Players throw their rings toward the target and count to see how many throws it takes before a throw hits the target. Each successive throw is thrown from the spot where the previous throw stopped. The number of throws required to hit the target is a players score on the first “hole.”

Play on the second and following hole begins when all players have finished the previous hole. Players should take turns selecting the next target. There is practically no limit to the distance to the next target. Some players may feel they have an advantage from picking far away targets while other players may feel they derive an advantage from selecting a target that will require throws that bend around obstacles.

The game does not need to be for 18 holes but players should agree to the number of holes before play begins.

(Game submitted by Reed Wilson of Burr Ridge, IL, USA)

The game of Aerobie volleyball is played by two or four players with a Superdisc on a sand volleyball court.

The object of the game is to get the Superdisc to land on the opposing player’s side of the net, within the lines, without them being able to catch it.

You can throw the disc however you like but it must land flat (The edge can not hit the ground first or at least not perpendicular to the ground.)

When one player catches it, he or she throws it back to the other side and so on until one player or team is unable to make a catch.

The player to win the last point “serves” the next point from behind the back line. A player does not need to be the “server” to receive a point.

It works best for a one on one game, but for players not wanting or able to move as much, two on two works as well.

Play games to eleven and switch sides after each game to account for wind and sun. First player or team to win two games wins. The Aerobie Superdisc is the best disc to use. The game will test the players’ prediction ability as well as accuracy, spin use, and agility. Be prepared for a great workout.


Daniel Vintersvärd from Mullsjö, Sweden has developed a game called Tri-Court that’s great to play with Aerobie Pro flying rings.
See the rules here:


Silhouette at Barn Run Mania

People and dogs with Aerobie products!

We love seeing people and dogs having fun with Aerobie products. Check out these photos and videos of some of our more ardent canine and human fans — and submit your own here!

Fan Photos

Koda is ready for summer with her Aerobie ring! Owner Laura Magowan writes, “I found this one day and the dog loves it so much we trained her with it! She’ll stay right there in hopes you will throw the Aerobie.” Have fun, you two!

Beaker really loves her Squidgie discs, writes Val from Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA: “We have had every color and she is obsessed with them. We have an Instagram account: beaker17. She’s always with her frizz as we call it. Her dad plays frisbee golf and she does too. It is her favorite thing to do in the whole world. Doesn’t care for a ball. Anyway, just wanted to let you know your discs are her favorite out of any other brand.” – Val and Beaker, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, USA

Bichon-Pekinese mix Rufus of Transylvania, Romania loves his Dogobie Disc so much, it is his go-to toy inside or out!

7-month-old Stella trains her sharp eyes on an Aerobie Superdisc. Her owners, Rene and Scarlet LeBlanc of New Iberia, LA, USA, write: “After trying several flying discs out, we find that your Superdisc is the best. We like that it has the rubber edge to make it safer for Stella to grab and this disc flies great.”


Harry the English Russell terrier knows how to accessorize! He loves to flip an Aerobie Sprint ring (or sometimes two!) over his head and carry them around his neck. From Sue Habernigg, Redwood City, CA, USA.

Harry with two rings

CiCi relaxes with her Aerobie rings after a session of fetch in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Owner Sandy Sobanski writes, “CiCi luvs her Aerobies! Prospect Park near us has hundreds of dogs off leash in the mornings and evenings. It is a very famous place. Parkslope is doggie heaven. Swimming, large fields, hiking paths and tons of old trees for shade.”

CiCi with Pro and Sprint from Sandy Sobanski in Brooklyn NY

Chris Baker sent us this photo of her friend Harry discovering a box of Sprint rings in her garage! Chris writes, “I have a case of small Aerobies under a utility table in the garage. I went out there this morning to tape up a mail order return box for UPS. Harry had followed me out to ‘help’ and I was busy taping up the box and heard some stealthy noises under the table…Harry found the case of Aerobies (he is obsessed with them!) and was trying to figure out how to get one out with the cardboard packaging still on!” Here, Harry dives in and comes up with two rings at once!

Harry finding Sprint box from Chris Baker

Tim Armstrong of Overland Park, KS, USA sent us this photo of Thor, his German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. Tim writes, “Notice Thor is looking for his next assignment before picking up his third Aerobie. Thor has an intense passion for catching and fetching Aerobies – as you can see by the look in his eyes, and his stance. Some of the throws we throw him are rollers – Aerobies roll very well! Thoronamo runs after them and growls at them and grabs them with authority!”

Thor with rings from Tim Armstrong in Overland Park KS USA

Sasha the “Aerobie Dobbie” poses with her Aerobie ring. Owner Chris Pauschenwein wrote to us: “This is my first Aerobie Dobbie, Sasha. She lived for playing with her Aerobie and I do not know what else you may have had for dogs back then for this is about twenty years ago or more. Sasha was well known around the parks of Sarnia. At times she put on such a good show that many clapped and looked in amazement as she skillfully placed herself where the Aerobie disc was destined to fly to, and beautifully snatched it out of the air like a champion!! We are talking total distance runs of over the length of a football field!!! I would use the wind from off the St. Clair river and make the Aerobie take off and then change direction slightly cutting into the wind at just the right angle, which then covered a real long flight. I like it when the winds pick up a little before a storm for interesting throws and catches by my ‘Aerobie Dobbies’. Way too much fun, he he.”

Sasha from Chris Pauschenwein

Riviera (“Rivy”) fetches a Dogobie disc on a sunny day. From Sarah Braley.

Rivy from Sarah Braley

Harry and Maggie Habernigg tussle with their Dogobie disc. From Sue Habernigg, Redwood City, CA, USA.

Harry and Maggie tussling with Dogobie from Sue Habernigg

Harry the English Russell terrier knows how to accessorize! He loves to flip his Aerobie Sprint ring over his head and carry it around his neck. From Sue Habernigg, Redwood City, CA, USA.

Harry wears his Sprint ring on a sunny day at the beach from Sue Habernigg

Scooter (left) and Major (right) leap to catch Dogobie discs. From Emily Stender, Oak Lawn, IL, USA.

Scooter and Major with Dogobies from Emily Stender in Oak Lawn IL USA

Tara Garcia of Key West, FL, USA snapped this great shot of her dog Rigley going for a swim with her Superdisc!

Rigley swims with a Superdisc from Tara Garcia of Key West, FL

“Last winter, a friend and I snowshoed into a great lake here and had a phenomenal game of snowshoe Aerobie. Our dogs ran laps between us awaiting every drop of our Aerobie Superdisc (of which there were many). One of my favorite days in life, really. Thank you.”

– Wendel Wirth and Arlo (dog), Ketchum, ID, USA

Arlo in the snow from Wendel Wirth, Ketchum, ID

“I just wanted to write and say that my dog and I LOVE the Dogobie disc. We’ve played with it almost every day since I bought it about 2 weeks ago. It is holding up very well, and is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Thank you for making such an awesome product!”

– Chris Armstrong (and Lucy), Alturas, CA, USA

Lucy with Dogobie from Chris Armstrong in Alturas CA

Lola the German Shepherd/Shiba Inu mix hails from sunny San Diego, CA, USA and absolutely loves her Dogobie disc! From Paul Skinner.

Lola with Dogobie from Paul Skinner in San Diego CA

Remi of Atascocita, TX, USA is a huge fan of the Dogobie disc. From Derek Shive.

Remi with Dogobie from Derek Shive of Atascocita TX

Bella soars through the air to catch her Dogobie disc. From Ed Kosmicki in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

Bella with Dogobie from Ed Kosmicki in Salt Lake City UT

Sally Bible of Knoxville, TN, USA sent us this picture of her dog Finn posing with a Dogobie disc.

Finn with Dogobie from Sally Bible in Knoxville TN

Norman Reynolds of Welwyn Garden City, Herts, United Kingdom reports that catching his Dogobie disc was by far Bramwell’s favorite game of all. Bramwell is shown running through the snow to catch his favorite toy.

Bramwell with Dogobie from Norman Reynolds of Welwyn Garden City, Herts, UK

Lucky is Marie de Bane and Alain Bernier’s four month old Australian Shepherd. He loves to jump and catch his favorite toy, the Aerobie flying ring, where they live in Lasalle, Quebec.

Lucky with Pro ring, from Marie de Bane and Alain Bernier in Lasalle, Quebec

Lachlan Oakley of Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia reports that their Border Collie, Ralph, refuses to leave their house without his Dogobie disc: “He rarely chases birds at the park anymore due to his new obsession, although if he feels the urge, he just chases them for as long as half an hour with the Dogobie held firmly in his mouth.”

Ralph with Dogobie from Lachlan Oakley, Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia

“I just wanted to tell you how I and my bulldog love your products. I am very surprised at how durable your Superdisc is, especially in the jaws of an English Bulldog. They are truly the best discs, believe me I’ve tried ’em all. I even bought a Kevlar dog disc, advertised as bullet-proof and indestructible – it lasted 20 minutes. Keep making the great products and I’ll keep buying them.”

– Aaron Fisher (and Diesel, aka “Jaws”), Baltimore, MD, USA.

Diesel with Superdisc from Aaron Fisher

Here’s Louie the Havanese enjoying his Dogobie disc.

Louie the Havanese with a Dogobie, Stephanie Balzarini, Eagle, ID

Frey, photo courtesy of Frank Vroon, The Netherlands

Frey with Sprint rings, Frank Vroon,  the Netherlands

Licorice, a Labradoodle, is completely obsessed with his Aerobie rings. Heather and Tony Vilaros hide his rings to prevent him from playing 24/7.

Licorice the Labradoodle with Pro rings from Heather and Tony Vilaros

Tamu, a Great Dane belonging to Paola Suarez and Jan Wybe Oosterkamp of Bogota, Colombia, waits eagerly for his favorite toy to descend within his reach. Jan reports that “you should see how fanatical he becomes when we go to the park with the Aerobie ring.”

Tamu with Aerobie ring, Paola Suarez and Jan Wybe Oosterkamp, Bogota, Colombia

Chris Pauschenwein sent us two pictures of her enthusiastic Doberman Whisky who was a great fan of the Squidgie disc and the Superdisc Ultra. Chris tells us, ” You can clearly see how muscular she was and it was due largely to playing with Aerobie toys.” In the “airtime” photo, Whisky leaps high in the air to grab the disc and then wildly splashes down into the St. Clair River. The Double Blue Water Bridge near Sarnia and Pt. Huron, Michigan can be seen in the background.

Chris adds, “Check out the muscles on her!! That is what chasing the Aerobie, Superdisc and Squidgie did for my girl Whisky. The Squidgie play was mostly for fetching in the water and on the boulevard at home. All that swimming and running all her life kept her happy and in great shape. The Superdisc was great for windy days at the beach and the Aerobie was used mostly in big open parks for long fun throws.”

Whisky with Squidgie disc from Chris Pauschenwein in Michigan, USA

Whisky with Superdisc Ultra from Chris Pauschenwein

“The photo was taken on Assateague Island, MD. The dog is a female smooth coat border collie named Henna. By the time she was 1 year old she had already been in 3 different homes. When I got her she was an emotional mess. The Superdisc is her freedom. She was born to catch the Superdisc and all I had to do was learn to throw it 🙂 Henna competes in AKC agility, obedience and rally. But her spirit is absolutely free when she flies through the air after the Superdisc.”

– Rachel Shaw, Lynchburg, VA, USA

Henna with Superdisc from Rachel Shaw in Lynchburg VA

Mr. Beau the Irish Setter romps in the deep snow with the Pro ring.
Photo from Tom Fischer of Blairstown, NJ, USA.

Mr Beau romps in the deep snow with Pro ring Tom Fischer Blairstown NJ

“A photo of my dog ‘Koko’. She loves catching the Aerobie Sprint ring. She flips it back over her head after she has caught it…and this is a photo of her as she is just about to throw it back to me…using her paw. I have bought at least 30 (could be more) over the past 5 years (from Discovering the World website). She loves them and can’t get enough!”

– Jacqueline Walker, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia

Koko with Sprint ring from Jacqueline Walker in St Kilda Victoria Australia

“My name is Dexter and I live in Windsor UK. I am a 2 year old English Working Cocker Spaniel and I love to play with Frisbee more than anything. The thing is though, it is not just any old Frisbee that I like, my favourite is the Aerobie. My Mummy & Daddy took me to Brighton about a year ago and 2 men were playing with Aerobie on the beach. It was quite embarrassing as I would not leave them alone, so Mummy & Daddy bought me one and here the passion started. We live near the Long Walk, which is basically the Queen’s back garden. There are always lots of people walking here, mainly tourists who want to take pictures of the castle. I have become quite a tourist attraction with my yellow ring, as I carry it in my mouth and sometimes hook it around my head like a halo!”

– Dexter (and Josie and James) Wareing, Windsor, Berkshire, UK

Dexter with Pro ring from Josie and James Wareing in Windsor, Berkshire, UK

Extreme Canine, Bentley, and a Dogobie disc.

Extreme Canine, Bentley, with Dogobie

“Since Kodi was a young pup I’ve trained him with the Aerobie flying ring. He can run the length of a football field and catch the ring mid-air and return. To see this is to be, quite honest, fantastic. The amount of comments and remarks I’ve had from fellow dog walkers with regards to “How smart he is” and “Where did I get the flying ring” is remarkable. Only just this morning a fellow dog walker inquired where he could purchase a flying ring for himself and his dog and stated that Kodi should be on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.”

– Kevin McGuire, Falkirk, Scotland, UK

Kodi with Pro ring from Kevin McGuire in Falkirk, Scotland

Extreme Canine, Flashy Ferrari, catches a Dogobie disc mid-air.

Extreme Canine, Flashy Ferrari, catches a Dogobie

Emma, Carl and Mary Ann Mayer’s German short haired pointer, has played virtually every day, no matter the season, with her favorite flying disc – the Dogobie disc. From Carl and Mary Ann Mayer in Sharon, MA, USA.

Emma with Dogobie from Carl and Mary Ann Mayer in Sharon Massachusetts

Chaz and Deoghi compete at Skyhoundz in Spring 2009.

Chaz & Deoghi with Superdisc at Skyhoundz, 2009

“My 6 month old puppy, Bentley, absolutely loves the Aerobie. He’s a rescue bulldog/border collie/Australian shepherd from the shelter. He has a ton of energy and the Aerobie is the only thing that keeps me sane because Bentley has so much energy and while he is not interested in balls, he will chase the Aerobie for hours! We recently bought the Dogobie as well, and he especially loves that one because he can easily play tug of war with the Dogobie with other dogs without it breaking.”

– Kelly Young-Wolff, Atherton, CA, USA

Bentley with Dogobie disc from Kelly Young-Wolff from Atherton CA

“Thank you for making the only flying ring that can keep my Border Collie, Meg, happy! The Aerobie Pro is the only product that is able to help us achieve our ultimate goal … a world distance canine catch record!! Meg has been playing/training for almost three years and has worn out 6 Aerobie Pros. She warms up with easy 50-75 yard throws and almost never misses a catch (unless I throw it poorly). June 11th she cut loose with an estimated 148 yard catch. Understand that she is standing next to me when I throw the ring so you can imagine how fast and far she has to travel to catch up to it. Meg and I would like to challenge all the dog owners out there to an Aerobie distance catch competition.”

– Darren Sampson, Normal, IL, USA

Meg the border collie with Pro ring from Darren Sampson of Normal, IL

Chris Perondi and his stunt dogs performing with Superdiscs on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Chris Perondis stunt dogs on Ellen DeGeneres show

An action shot taken during Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience show in Branson, Missouri.

Chris Perondis Stunt Dog Experience, Branson, MO

Fan Videos

Brian Hunt sent us this fantastic video of playing with an Aerobie ring — on the ice! We’ve never seen anyone do this before and think it looks like a lot of fun. Thanks, Brian!

Stuart’s owner Scott Jordan of Pittstown, NJ, USA writes, “Stuart’s commitment to Aerobie is apparent in this vid from a recent blizzard that pounded on NJ: thirty-nine inches of snow in 36 hours. This was taken in the middle of the storm, and his eighth run of this session. The bounding hound. He is really amazing.”

Watch Chris Perondi and his stunt dogs perform with Superdiscs at the 2014 Rose Parade:

Here’s Emma, Carl and Mary Ann Mayer’s German short haired pointer, making some amazing catches with her Dogobie disc:

Check out Mark Jones’s demo of the Dogobie disc. Those are some impressive catches!

Watch Axl the Golden Retriever make an incredible Pro ring catch:

Check out the amazing Aerobie-fetching talents of Frey the border collie as he catches 6 Aerobie rings! You can hear Frank calling “Nog een” (“one more”) and “Kom hier” (“come here”) to Frey to encourage him to pick up the rings and bring them back. Frank says: “Frey, my five year old border collie, came to our house as a puppy. I wanted to have a border collie because they have to move/run a lot. I was diagnosed with rheumatism and I thought it was a good idea to get a dog that needs a lot of movement to motivate me to move a lot as well. It was painful for me to throw a ball, it really hurt my shoulder (I had a 15% loss of function in my right shoulder). So I tried to throw an Aerobie. This felt a lot better….At last I can tell you that the restriction of my shoulder is totally cured by throwing the Aerobies. I am back at 100% functionality. My doctor is astonished with this result. Aerobie, thank you for that.”

– Frank Vroon (and Frey), The Netherlands

Where to Throw

Public parks, playgrounds, backyards, and athletic fields are among our favorite spots to play with Aerobie toys. We’re starting this page as a way to catalogue great places to play with Aerobie products that are suggested by our fans. Do you know a great place to throw Aerobie sport toys? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!


Cubberley Community Center field at 4000 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto, CA, USA. Just a stone’s throw away from Aerobie, Inc. headquarters, this field has all the space you need for a long Aerobie throw!


Central Park in New York City, NY, USA. As America’s most famous public park, this one hardly needs introduction. Send us your favorite photos of you and your friends playing with Aerobie products in Central Park — we’d love to see them!


Zilker Park at 2100 Barton Springs Road in Austin, TX, USA. Suggested by Doug Bowker of Dallas, TX, USA. He says: “My Dallas friends think I am crazy for driving the three hours to Austin to throw. They don’t know what they are missing!”