Aerobie Football

The World’s Fastest Spinning Football

The Aerobie football’s curved fins generate perfect spirals every time and the sturdy foam is comfortable to catch. Both kids and adults can throw accurate passes with the Aerobie football!


  • Curved fins for perfect spirals every time
  • Squeezable foam is soft but tough
  • Pocketed grip fits all size hands
  • Eye-catching two tone neon colors look great in flight
  • Throw with right hand
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up

The Aerobie football’s curved fins drive the ball into a tight spiral for long distance flights. It’s the ideal football for budding young quarterbacks who enjoy the satisfaction of easily throwing perfect spirals. The pocketed grip makes it easy for kids as young as five to securely hold the ball and learn to throw a football. Throw with right hand. Size: 9 inch (23 cm) length. Available in various 2-tone colors: blue/yellow, red/yellow, green/yellow, black/yellow.

Aerobie Football: Reviews & Stories

“So aerodynamically stable that even a toddler can throw deep. The Aerobie football has curved fins that act like propellers to rev up its spin. The fins also boost lift by keeping the ball nose-up.”

~ Popular Mechanics

“If you can’t throw a perfect spiral with this thing, give up. It’s made of foam, sort of like a Nerf football but a little denser, and has angled fins on the back that cause it to spiral perfectly every time.”

~ Tom Szaroleta, The Florida Times-Union