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Congratulations, Filip Kucharczyk!: Poland’s Second-Ever WAC Win.

Poland took home its second-ever golden trophy when Filip Kucharczyk of Cafe Targowa won the 2016 World AeroPress Championship on June 23rd. Filip first triumphed over more than 100 other competitors in the Poland AeroPress Championship to secure a tic …

Carnival-Style Fun at 2016 U.S. AeroPress Championship

Ben Jones of Ristretto Roasters (Portland, OR) won the 2016 United States AeroPress Championship on April 16th after a night of hot competition in Atlanta, Georgia. 40 competitors from around the United States, competing in heats, brewed coffee using A …

Korea AeroPress Championship a Great Success!

The 2016 Korean AeroPress Championship took place on March 5th at Coffee Tour in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. 27 competitors vied to see who could brew the most delicious cup of coffee with an AeroPress. World AeroPress Championship co-founder Tim Wendelboe was …

First UAE AeroPress Championship held!

We’re excited to announce the results of the inaugural UAE AeroPress Championship, which was held on Saturday March 19th in Dubai. Appropriately enough, the event took place at the Raw Truck next to the Dubai Coffee Museum! To our knowledge, this is th …

December 17, 2015

2016 China AeroPress Championship Winner

The 2016 World AeroPress Championship circuit has officially kicked off! 2016 China AeroPress Champion YiFan Xu (left) of 2Roaster in ChengDu was awarded the first place golden AeroPress trophy after an intense competition on December 12. YiFan Xu triu …

2015 World AeroPress Championship

The 2015 World AeroPress Championship combined a huge party with intense competition on April 9th at WithinSodo in Seattle, USA. Defeating 34 national champions from around the world, Lukas Zahradnik (center) of Green Plantation Coffee in Slovakia won …

Brewing Recipes for the AeroPress

Coffee lovers “hack” the AeroPress coffee maker by tinkering with brewing variables to craft their ideal cup of coffee.

You Can Invent!

Do you have an idea for a new invention but aren’t sure how to proceed? Inventor of Aerobie products Alan Adler has a tip: learn about the science behind your invention idea.

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