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Aerobie® Epic™ Driver Golf Disc

  • It will be your farthest flying disc
  • Unique off-center epicyclic design lowers drag & increases distance - there's no other disc like it
  • Adjustable for optimum performance - tune the disc for your throwing style & speed
  • approved
  • 167-169 grams
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • More Information

"No other disc I have ever thrown retains its speed as long as the Epic golf driver. The Epic's superior speed definitely gives it the distance edge."
Erin Hemmings
holder of the world record for the longest throw in history

Karl Molitoris teaches when to throw overhand with the Epic driver

Karl Molitoris teaches thumber throw with the Epic driver

Karl Molitoris teaches tomahawk throw with the Epic driver