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This will be your farthest flying golf disc

The revolutionary asymmetrical epicyclic design of the Epic driver makes it fly farther than any other golf disc you have ever thrown. You can easily tune this PDGA-approved disc to maximize distance and accuracy for your personal release velocity.


  • Breakthrough asymmetrical epicyclic design lowers drag and increases distance – there’s no other disc like it
  • Famous for astounding tomahawk throws that combine extreme distance and remarkable accuracy
  • Easily tuned to maximize distance and accuracy for your release velocity
  • Ultra high performance driver (not for beginners)
  • PDGA approved
  • 166-169 grams
  • Floats in water - easier to retrieve from water hazards
  • Precision manufactured in the USA

The revolutionary patented epicyclic design of the Epic driver gives the disc the largest average rim width to reduce drag and produce amazingly long drives. The Epic disc is designed to be adjusted to each individual’s throwing style and release velocity. Properly tuned, you will throw it farther than any other disc. A card with tuning instructions comes with each disc.

If you have the skill and the arm for it, join advanced players who have perfected the tomahawk throw using the Epic. The incredible height, roll, and distance will draw gasps from onlookers. Here, Karl Molitoris teaches you how to throw a tomahawk.

We have one word of caution. You will almost certainly not like your first few throws with an Epic driver. Driving the Epic is like driving a Ferrari. It requires skill, concentration, and experience. If you take the time to test throw and tune the disc to your release angle and velocity, you will learn to capitalize on the Epic’s patented aerodynamic advantages and make the Epic your farthest flying disc. If you quit after a few throws, you may hate the Epic and wonder what all the excitement is about. Read up on how to tune your long-range driver for desired flight characteristics here.

The Epic driver is available in red, purple, blue, and yellow.

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Karl Molitoris teaches when to throw overhand with the Epic driver

Karl Molitoris teaches thumber throw with the Epic driver

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